2020 Has Been Quite A Year!


2020 Has Been Quite A Year!

As we welcome 2021

We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring about digital change, developing new ideas in how we build and grow both the BeckettHanlon brand and our company as a whole.

We launched our new podcast “Can You See It?” with 11 published episodes and a lot more in the pipeline!

Our CEO Drew Beckett is in the process of writing a book and we anticipate this to be launching in May 2021.

We rebranded and restructured as a company building our franchise and adding to our extensive list of luxury overseas properties We have been busy building our BeckettHanlon team, including partners & collaborators.

We can’t wait for our next challenge in 2021. Showcasing stunning overseas properties for our clients, offering a borderless franchise opportunity like no other to our partners, and building the BeckettHanlon brand on a global scale.

Wishing you all a happy & safe New Year, from us all at BeckettHanlon.


2020 Has Been Quite A Year!

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