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ByLucy McMullan

We Don’t Grow When Things Are Easy, We Grow When We Face Challenges!

Here at BeckettHanlon, we have adjusted our strategies for the time that is now, to try to take advantage of the situation as best as possible. We’ve decided to market our business for the buyer of tomorrow. Right now, we can’t travel (unless you want to spend time in quarantine and risk your health). That’s a huge problem when you’re selling international property… like us. HOWEVER, with many people stuck at home… they’re spending a lot more time scrolling through social media. We’ve made it our mission to be SEEN & HEARD.

In the past 2 weeks, we’ve published new episodes of our Podcast ‘Can You See It – A BeckettHanlon Podcast.’ The most recent episodes feature local Belfast entrepreneur and influencer Chris Suitor, and legendary (award-winning) entrepreneur Brian Reid. The podcast can be viewed on all major listening platforms. The podcast has helped us connect and network with some amazing people, from here (Belfast) and afar.

We launched our brand new Franchise Website…. (The website you’re currently reading this on). And personally, we think it’s pretty great. We’re hoping it can educate potential partners on our journey building BeckettHanlon so far, and how we continue to do so in the current climate.

Our current partners know how much we focus on education. We had a group call last Thursday evening with everyone, to share some recent success stories and to educate on how our current partners could be using social media to their advantage in this time.

We continue to showcase new and exciting properties on our website, offering virtual tour viewings for interested buyers. We truly believe that in a few months time… or however long it may be… that when the airways open again, and it’s safe to travel, many people will be excited to do so. If Covid has taught us anything, it’s that time is precious. We never know what tomorrow brings. We believe a lot of people will be deciding to finally buy that home abroad that they’ve lusted over for many years. And… personally, I’d rather be quarantined in a gorgeous Villa in Spain, than in rainy ole’ Norn’ Iron or wherever you are reading this from.

Catch you in a few weeks with some exciting news and updates!


Dessy Moen talks about his Franchise with BeckettHanlon

What first attracted you to the BeckettHanlon Franchise?

“I always had an interest in overseas properties, especially in Spain, France and Portugal. A love of the Mediterranean climate coupled with this interest in property ignited a desire in me to pursue this further though I wasn’t sure how. This is where Drew Beckett and Becketthanlon came in. I came across Becketthanlon on Facebook, contacted Drew and bought the franchise. I was apprehensive at first as I was aware of the somewhat poor reputation that selling property abroad had attracted, and have built up a strong reputation in the food industry over 30 years I didn’t want to be associated with anything that might diminish this. However, after meeting Drew I was totally assured that here was a man and a company that was selling property abroad right and safe. After a few meetings with Drew, I was in no doubt that I had made the right decision.”


Before joining BeckettHanlon, what was your background in?

“As stated above I have spent over 30 years in sales and management in the FMCG industry where my roles have included company owner, Managing Director, Sales Director and Commercial Director. I am still employed in this industry presently.”


Talk us through your initial training with the company and what that involved? 

“I have to say that I really enjoyed my initial week’s training with Drew in our Belfast office. I found him hugely knowledgeable in everything concerned with purchasing property overseas. And even though I went along thinking that there would not be much I could learn in the art of selling I was very wrong. Drew has a wealth of experience gained in the financial consultancy business and property sales and I gained a lot from him during this week.”


What makes BeckettHanlon Franchise different?

“I believe that Becketthanlon is unique in that everything we do is geared up to assuring that our clients are buying their home abroad SAFELY. This is a keyword and train of thought in our company and one that filters down from Drew himself. Also, we are not just about selling our clients an overseas property. We take them through the whole process of finding the property that best suits them, arranging a mortgage if required, taking them through all the legals involved with buying abroad and accompanying them out to view properties in their desired area.”


What are your BH hopes for the future?

“I have often said that is my ambition to eventually be able to dedicate myself fully to my franchise as holding down a very demanding full-time job makes it difficult for me to pursue my dream of been fully committed to it. My hope is for my sales to increase to a level that will make this decision easier. I also want to see Drew been hugely successful with his company as he works tirelessly with us all to achieve his dream also.”



We also had Lucy from OnlyJustMedia create this short partner video for Dessy Moen.


Video Credit: OnlyJustMedia