Setting Up Your Own Business

As a BeckettHanlon franchise partner you will operate your property franchise as your own business. You will be your own boss. working within the BeckettHanlon business system and under our guidance. As our business model operates as a franchise, this ensures that you will not be on your own during the lifetime of your business.

Company Support

  • We apply a vetting process when recruiting every prospective franchise partner.
  • This ensures that the levels of commitment required and opportunities to be maximised are fully understood and accepted. This process also works to ensures that we match with the right people and that the business relationship will be mutually rewarding.
  • As part of this process, we would like to meet your partner; it is important that they know exactly what your new career will entail. That way, we can all be sure that they are 100% behind you – We know their support is paramount to your focus and therefore to your success.
  • We will continue to offer support to you throughout your career as a BeckettHanlon franchise partner and property consultant.



  • Setting up a business for anyone has an element of risk attached to it due to the potential obstacles and the bureaucracy that needs to be covered off. Sometimes the process can end up taking twice as long as you anticipate.
  • At BeckettHanlon, we remove a lot of this risk for our new franchise partners. We enable you to tap into our experience and knowledge base, which will allow you to focus on selling and building wealth for yourself.
  • For a while you may be the only person working in and on your business, but we want to assure you that you’ll never be on your own. For a start, you’ll receive continual support and guidance from our trainers and mentors, but not only that, you’ll be part of a wider, global community of like-minded driven individuals who you can call on to share in their expertise and ask for advice.


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