Dessy Moen

“17 years as Sales Director with Linwoods Bakery and dairy products.

6 years as Managing Director of Really Good Foods in Armagh.

2 years as UK Sales Manager with Mulrines in Ballybofey.

Current Franchise Partner at BeckettHanlon with 3 years as Commercial Manager with McCloskeys Bakery.”

Jasbir Bassi

“I saw Beckett Hanlon as an opportunity to do something for myself. It was going to be an extra source of income for my family and me.

Before joining Beckett Hanlon I helped my husband within the family restaurant business. I still am a part of this but alongside it, I’m a mother to 5 children and care for my mother and sister.
I’ve tried various other things including going back to education but life gets in the way. Practically it isn’t possible for me to work in the industry.  BeckettHanlon gives me the flexibility to work my own hours. Like anything, you reap what you sow.
My initial training was at the end of August/ September 2019.  I was fortunate to get one to one training with Drew. I learnt so much during this, not just about the business but life. The training was intensive but enjoyable. Along the whole way Drew underlined the importance of the well being of his team. Although all businesses look to thrive and progress, there was an importance put on the fact that we are all people. What might be right for me does not necessarily have to be right for you.
It was very much highlighted that we need to understand what our clients want, before trying to match what we have to suit that want. We are not trying to sell anyone investment properties with rental potential, though this is an extra bonus in certain cases, our primary focus is to try and match a property to suit a clients way of life.
I hope to be able to thrive in BeckettHanlon and one day make it my families primary source of income. I see this happening as the company has very strong moral grounds. Drew really makes every effort to try and secure the safest developments. BeckettHanlon provides a service to help it’s clients buy homes, not just houses.”

Raymond Lennon

“I am a native of Athlone Co Westmeath and it is where I currently reside.

My background is in retail where I ran my own successful businesses for many years. I have also worked at BP UK and Walmart Canada at management level.

I have studied at Ballyfermot Business school Dublin and Shaw Academy.

I am a diplomatic, well-driven individual who strives to deliver outstanding customer service.

I am excited to have joined BeckettHanlon Worldwide Property as a franchise partner and I am looking forward to a successful and awarding partnership in the years ahead.”

Charlie Meyler

“As a self-employed independent Retailer and wholesaler for many years, I recently moved into the hospitality industry in the form of Boutique Hotel Accommodation in Bunclody Co Wexford Ireland in a joint venture.

Having done business with a range of varied clientele and listening to their concerns and past experiences I could see there was an opening for a property investment company where people would have the confidence to know that what they were getting matches what it said on the “tin” and more if required.

After months of searching, I eventually discovered BeckettHanlon.

After many discussions and investigation into BeckettHanlon, I am happy to have become a BeckettHanlon Franchise Partner and assist people in buying their dream holiday or investment property abroad.

I live in Bunclody Co.Wexford Ireland. I Love to play a game of golf. I’m a member of Bunclody Golf and Fishing Club and spend time with my wife Phil and family on some of the many beautiful walks and biking tracks we have beside us around mount Leinster and the adjoining area.”

Fred Manning

What first attracted you to the BeckettHanlon Franchise?

 I was attracted to the potential lifestyle & being able to help people buy lovely property overseas.

Before joining BeckettHanlon, what was your background in?

 Before BeckettHanlon I was involved in the hospitality industry Being involved in several restaurants & coffee shops.

Talk us through your initial training with the company and what that involved?

 The training was great. I flew to Northern Ireland, where Drew picked me up from the airport. The training lasted three days. It was just one on one & very professional.

What makes BeckettHanlon Franchise different?

I’ve been involved in other franchises before & the biggest difference for me is the support & encouragement that Drew & his team provide. You can call or message the team anytime with thoughts or needing to ask & question & they are brilliant. Nothing is to much trouble, which gives me confidence.

What are your BH hopes for the future?

I would like to think that at BH I’ve found a career that I can do for the rest of my professional life. I get to talk to people who are considering buying property overseas. I get to take them to these idyllic destinations & finally I get to see them filled with happiness & excitement when I help their dream come true in buying their lovely new property.

What’s not to like about having a life doing that?!”

Garry McGrotty

“I am a hard-working professional with a passion for success. After working in both the hospitality industry and engineering sector for eight years throughout Europe, I decided to make a move into business by forming my own company to acquire the exclusive distribution rights for bespoke products across the UK and Ireland.

I became a proud Beckett Hanlon franchise partner in early 2016. I was keen to explore the opportunities presented by Beckett Hanlon to advance my career within the property industry and gain the experience and knowledge from Drew Beckett required for a successful future in business.

My strong customer service skills combined with a keen business sense allows me to play a valuable role in pairing the right property with each individual clients dream lifestyle. I believe that property is one of the most stable forms of investment and know the perception of buying a property abroad can seem challenging. I thrive on working with his clients every step of the way to ensure the purchase of their dream property abroad is as simple and as profitable as possible.”

Martin Deignan

“I am passionate about assisting my clients in finding the ideal overseas home that will meet their lifestyle and budget expectations in a safe and easy manner.  I divide my time between my home in Malahide, Co Dublin, and our recommended overseas locations where I gather intimate knowledge and video not just on properties but also on local amenities and the general lay of the land. By sharing this valuable information with clients back home in Ireland I can offer a much more valuable and personal service than what home seekers can generally get from bland online property listings

I like to help out every step of the way from first meeting you to understand your needs through to arranging overseas viewings, plus practical advice on purchase costs, legalities, etc.  And what does this service cost you?  Actually, nothing, because we are instead paid a commission from the marketing funds of the developers and builders that we choose to work with based on their building quality and financial probity

Prior to joining BeckettHanlon I worked for many years in sales and marketing roles and then as Country Manager for multinational print services brand OKI.  Here I gained a reputation with customers for strong and trustworthy relationships which continues to underline my people-centred approach to business.  I have always had an interest in property having made a number of personal overseas investments over the years, learning the pros and cons the hard way.  I have also travelled extensively and once lived in Italy for a couple of years.  And I bring my love of different places and cultures to bear in helping my clients in making property decisions that suit their varied needs.

I am married with two children and in my spare time enjoy travel, running, hiking, golf and sailing.

If you would like to contact me for a consultation I can assure you that you will find me both approachable and professional.”

David Downard

What first attracted you to the BeckettHanlon Franchise?

I looked at a great number of Franchises in many different markets as I was looking for a fresh challenge.

It was important for me to find one that would be the right fit for me and where my experience would be an asset.

I met with Drew and quickly decided that the Franchise offered me the best opportunity for me to grow my own business under the umbrella of Beckett Hanlon

Before joining BeckettHanlon, what was your background in?

Before joining I had worked for 30 years in the Hospitality Industry my last position being CEO of a Pub Restaurant Company.

However, my career began in sales and it was the opportunity of working in sales and using the customer experience that drew me to the Franchise.

Talk us through your initial training with the company and what that involved?

Having met with Drew, I went for a weeks training in Belfast which was very interesting and then, later on, we went to Spain which was invaluable to see some of the properties and find out more about the market.

Ongoing Drew is always available to help and we also have regular meetings to assist us in growing our business.

What makes BeckettHanlon Franchise different?

A good business model and great support are so important, the website is good and also the one-off payment and no ongoing fees.

What are your BH hopes for the future?

As the economy picks up as it inevitably will in time I’m looking forward to being able to meet with customers face to face and help them find their perfect second/retirement home or investment property abroad.”

Mubashar Siddiqui

“I did an MBA (Master in Business Administration) from the Imperial College of Business Studies in 2005. I started my career in financial services as a fund manager in Harvester Topworth International and worked for two and a half years. Then I joined the Security Industry Authority as a Subcontractor in the UK.

In 2009 I became a Franchise Partner for Wimpy Restaurants and ran it successfully in the Isle of Wight UK. After running the Wimpy Restaurant Franchise Successfully I established Buraq Estates as a Partnership in October 2013. I then registered as a business consultant in Portlaoise Co.Laois, the Republic of Ireland in January 2015. In December 2016 I joined BeckettHanlon as a franchise partner. It has changed my life for the better and I’m looking forward to building a successful business.”

Noor Raza

“Involved in Sales and lettings since 2006 and have experience within investment properties in UK and overseas.

Managing Director of Buraq Estates specialising in unique, interesting and prestigious properties in Greater Manchester.

Previously director of UK’s leading Estate Agency Franchise with 160 offices across UK.

Strong management skills, strong rapport building skills. Strong desire to succeed. ‘Can do’ Approach.

Specialties: Selling and Lettings of luxury accommodation for students and young professionals managing over 600 properties in Manchester.

Now teaming up with market leaders in unique worldwide property lifestyle and investment opportunities ‘BeckettHanlon’ so this means that as a BeckettHanlon client, you can have complete peace of mind, knowing that every facet of your new purchase, from money transfer…to interior design….will be safe and completed with first-class customer service.

Contact me for your unique BeckettHanlon Experience.”

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