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ByLucy McMullan

BeckettHanlon meets Hollywood!

It’s been a busy few weeks at BeckettHanlon Worldwide Property. We’ve been working away on a very exciting video which we will be sharing soon! We’ve filmed in some cool locations… always going the extra mile to get a great shot! (Even if it means climbing 14 flights of stairs for a rooftop view…)
Drew and Darran have been the stars of this video, with Lucy behind the camera! A great team effort all around.
In the current climate, selling international property is more tricky. We can’t fly over and visit due to lockdown and travel restrictions. (We are however offering virtual tours). Therefore we have refocused our skills on storytelling how BeckettHanlon was built, and why we do what we do.
We are continuously uploading podcast episodes with some fantastic local and international guests. This week’s episode actually features Darran Wallace, our in house social media expert. Make sure to give that a listen to hear Darran’s story, and how he came to be part of BeckettHanlon.
📸 @Social_Stephen